Tampa Mischief

The Tampa Mischief Rugby League women’s team was established in 2021 as part of the growing interest in women’s rugby league in the United States. The team is based in Tampa, Florida, and competes in the USA Rugby League (USARL). Known for their energetic and competitive spirit, the Tampa Mischief aims to promote the sport among women in the region and foster a strong rugby community.
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Meet the 2024 Mischief team

Tampa Mischief rugby team


Marcaya Bailous
Gabriela Bergamin
Samantha Black
Rachael Bradley
Cynthia Campbell
Cailin Donegan
Michelle Feely
Katelyn Ferguson
Victoria Jarrett
Deborah Kinsella
Rashel Munganga
Robyn Oliveri
Samantha Oliveri
Gabrielle Pennino
Jessica Premet
Wanita Rodriguez
Brittany Schmidt
Stacia Thompson
Tiffeny Wysocki
Jordyn Zyngier
Coach: William (Billy) Neilson